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Architectural Review Committee 

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) consists of volunteers within the neighborhood that work hand-in-hand with the Foxberry Estates Homeowner's Association Board of Directors. Its primary function is to review, on a case-by-case basis, the appearance, design, construction, modification to and maintenance of homes within Foxberry Estates. Collectively, the ARC members are the primary means for ensuring our community remains attractive now, and for years to come.

Every house is held to the same high standards of the Foxberry Estates Home Owners Association By-laws and Covenants, thereby ensuring that the entire community retains its value and premier status within the Kansas City area.

Whether you are a builder constructing a new home, or you are in an existing home and are considering an addition, re-roofing, repainting, or altering the exterior of your home in any manner – you will need to include the ARC into your plans.

Since the ARC has broad discretion in what it will approve or deny, good communication is essential for the ARC submission/review process to work smoothly.
We encourage all homeowners and/or your contractors to become acquainted with the Architectural Review Process at Foxberry Estates.

House Frames

Please note:

While the goal is to review your request and reply to you as soon as possible, the expectation to process your request is within 30 days. Please consider this time-frame when planning your project.

If you have any questions regarding the Architectural Review Committee, please contact us by emailing:

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