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As a community, we're very fortunate to have a clubhouse for residents to use.  We would like to thank everyone in the neighborhood who has helped keep the clubhouse in great shape and ready for that next party!

If you would like additional information about renting the clubhouse, or if you're ready to set up a rental, feel free to fill in the form below and you'll be partying in no time!

If you are ready to set up a rental, make your request through the Foxberry Frontsteps website.

Should you have a question, please contact us at:




  • Full Kitchen

  • Capacity of 150 people

  • 15 round tables (60" diameter)

  • ~ 90 chairs available

  • Separate Men's & Women's restrooms


  • This includes 6 hours of rental time, which is to include set up & clean up.

  • If you are in need of additional time, please contact us by emailing:

Reservations of the clubhouse do NOT include usage of the pool or pool deck.
If your guests need a breath of fresh air, please have them step out front of the building.

At this time, we do not rent to non-residents.

Clubhouse Rental Agreement

This agreement is between Foxberry Estates HOA (27901 Foxberry Trail, Lees Summit, MO 64086) and the homeowner filling out the form:

It is agreed that any party using these premises will abide by the following rules and regulations and in return, Foxberry Estates HOA will make available the use of restrooms and kitchen facilities. This also includes tables and chairs. 

  • Table decorations are permitted.

NO SMOKING ALLOWED inside the clubhouse. Receptacle provided outside of building.

Rental of the clubhouse does NOT include access to the pool or pool area.

Occupancy shall be limited to 150 people.

NO wall or ceiling decorations are allowed.

The Clubhouse may be rented for a fee of $75.00 for Homeowners.


  • Rental period shall not exceed 6 hours, unless a special request is made at time of agreement.

All rentals must be concluded by 1:00 AM .

  • This includes clean‐up, unless a special request is made at time of agreement and noted here.

  • It is the homeowner's responsibility to schedule a check‐out time with a Board member within 24 hours of rental time.

Restriction of Use: The use of the clubhouse shall be limited to Foxberry Estates Homeowners in good standing (i.e., HOA dues paid in full), their guests and invitees.

Damages: Homeowner agrees to be responsible for the full cost of repair for any damage incurred during this rental. Failure to pay for the repair of damages may result in the HOA pursuing all legal recovery options up to and including placement of a lien placed against the homeowner’s property.

Clean Up: Homeowner shall clean the premises immediately following their rental. There are cleaning supplies in the pantry and storage closet for kitchen/bathroom clean up, and a vacuum for the carpeted areas. There is a cleaning checklist provided in the clubhouse that must be completed and signed. Refusal or failure to adequately clean the facilities will result in cleaning charges no less than $150 and could result in legal recovery options up to and including placement of a lien placed against the homeowner’s property.

Cancellation Policy: The Homeowner shall give notice of no less than 7 days of cancellation of reservation to receive 100% of their rental fee, 3 days for 75% of rental fee, and 24 hours for 50% of rental fee.

Disclaimer of Liability: The renting Homeowner releases Foxberry Estates HOA from any and all liability relating to the premises. The Homeowner agrees to and shall protect and hold harmless the Association from any and all liability for the loss from an accident resulting in bodily injury to or death to persons and for loss from an accident resulting in damage to or destruction of property.

Clubhouse Rental Form

Upon submitting the information below, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in this agreement.

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Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

Please note:

Reservations are not considered final until the rental fee has been received in full. We do not require a security deposit, as the homeowner assumes all responsibility for any & all damage.

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